Flue Gas Treatment

Our products meet the latest emission standards for flue gas from metal smelters, steel mills, industrial boilers, cement kilns and power plants.

Incineration has long been used as an efficient and cost effective way to safely dispose of municipal and hazardous waste. However, in recent years, increasing environmental concerns have resulted in a more complete review and subsequent regulations for the emissions released in the resulting flue gas from waste to energy plants and also metal smelters, steel mills, industrial boilers, cement kilns and power plants.

Our engineers are experts in developing activated carbon specifically designed to efficiently remove flue gas contaminants. We work with you to understand your facility parameters, such as boiler type and combustion efficiency, fuel source, pollution control equipment configuration and flue gas temperature, to help you select the appropriate carbon, equipment and process packages for your needs.

We are the first manufacturer to introduce activated carbon products for flue gas treatment. The unique mesopore structure of our powdered activated carbon (PAC) provides superior adsorption properties. This means the highest removal efficiencies with the lowest dosing rates, reducing handling time and transportation costs. We are the preferred supplier in many flue gas industries due to our technology, reliability, supply assurance and innovation. As the worldwide market leader in PAC for flue gas purification, we provide high quality dosing installations and technical support.



Cabot promotes activated carbon that incorporates both lower amounts of and a more benign bromine chemistry. 

"Bromine Comes To The Rescue For Mercury Power Plant Emissions" in Chemical & Engineering News
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